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_Layered Curriculum® and other Books by Dr Nunley

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Layered Curriculum® Text: Learn to design your own units. This is the text that shows you how to get started with Layered Curriulum the dasiest way to differentiate.$24.95


Layered Curriculum® Workbook Includes a step-by step guide for designing your own Layered Curriculum units. Samples for traditional units, daily method units, math, spiraled lessons, project-based units and MORE. Details on rubrics and grading scales $19.95

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A Student's Brain: The parent / teacher manual ---Simple and easy to understand, this book explains the workings of the brain to parents and teachers. 176 pages. $24.95

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Differentiating the High School Classroom: Solution Strategies for 18 Common Obstacles. Written specifically by and for the high school teacher. Discover solutions to issues such as: "I need to prepare students for college learning", "I have lab safety concerns", "How can I differentiate my AP class?"and more! $31.50

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Enhancing Your Layered Curriculum® Classroom: Tips, Tune-ups and Technology -- A new book written for experienced Layered Curriculum teachers. Find out how to fine-tune your units and your classroom as well as how to use current technology to enhance your Layered Curriculum classroom.$19.95

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__________________Layered Curriculum® Training KITS _____--with FREE SHIPPING (in US)

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Layered Curriculum® Study Kit for INDIVIDUAL Teachers DELUXE version

A study kit now available to individual teachers. Read the texts, then listen as Layered Curriculum® developer, Dr Kathie Nunley goes over step-by-step instructions on how to design and implement Layered Curriclum in your classroom. Instruction presented in DVD format. Includes: the Layered Curriculum TEXT and Workbook, Enhancing Your Layered Curriculum book, A Student's Brain, A DVD slide presentation narrated by Dr Nunley discussing the WHY, WHAT and HOW of Layered Curriculum. The Deluxe Kit includes a 90 minute Video (DVD) with Dr Nunley

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__Differentiating the High School Classroom Book Study KIT _____--with FREE SHIPPING (in US)

(10 copies) plus
Differentiating the High School Classroom"
(for 10 teachers).
This Book Kit contains 10 copies of the book: Differentiating the High School Classroom, 1 Facilitator's Guide, including an exclusive Power Point CD narrated by Dr Nunley on Layered Curriculum plus 1 copy of the Layered Curriculum Text.

Ebook Versions available in Kindle Format __(clicking the link will take you through to

Layered Curriculum: The practical solution for teachers with more than one student in their classroom (2ed)
This abridged Kindle version contains Chapters 1 - 6 (covering the introduction, background and the construction of all 3 Layers) and FAQ's
eBook version $9.79 from

Kindle e-book Enhancing Your Layered Curriculum Classroom: Tips, Tune-ups and Technology A new book written for experienced Layered Curriculum teachers. Find out how to fine-tune your units and your classroom as well as how to use current technology to enhance your Layered Curriculum classroom$9.99

Kathie's Recommended Best Brain Book Bundles - Clearance (Free shipping on US orders
Both for $49.95

A CHILD'S BRAIN: The Need for Nurture by Robert Sylwester
Paired with
SPARK: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and The Brain. by John J Ratey, MD

Sylwester's Book, A ChildÂ’s Brain helps parents and educators understand the biological, emotional, and neurological changes that occur during childhood so they can support childrenÂ’s learning, socialization, and growth and Ratey's book provides the evidence to support reinstating recess, more P.E., more activity in the school day.
Bundled for $49.95 - Free Shipping


Both for $64.95

RETHINKING CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: Strategies for Prevention, Intervention, and Problem Solving, 2nd Ed by Patricia Sequeira Belvel.
Paired with

POSITIVE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: A Step-by-Step Guide to Helping Students Succeed by Robert DiGiulio

A classroom leadership model of prevention, intervention, and problem solving for both teachers and students. Engages students in supportive learning environment. And learn how to take positive control of the classroom Discover an alternative to threats, rewards, and punishments. Manage classrooms without robbing students of their dignity. Bundled for $64.95 - Free Shiping-

All 3 for $109.95

Sousa 3 Book Bundle special
$109.95 - Free Shipping

Both for $49.95

TEACHING THE MALE BRAIN - HOW BOYS THINK, FEEL, AND LEARN IN SCHOOL by Abigail Norfleet James. Differentiate your teaching style to address learning differences between girls and boys in the classroom! This practical guide to teaching boys combines classic and cutting-edge research to show you why males learn differently and, more important, how you can differentiate teaching strategies to help them succeed in the classroom.
bundled with
BUDDHA'S BRAIN: The practical neuroscience of happiness, love & wisdom by Rick Hanson with Richard Mendius.
. This book shows you how information from neuroscience can help you shape your brain for greater happiness, love, and wisdom. Bundled for $49.95 with Free Shipping

Both for $59.95

THE DEVELOPING BRAIN BIRTH TO AGE EIGHT by Marilee B. Sprenger. Best-selling author Marilee Sprenger covers the basic structure, vocabulary, and current research on the brain from an early childhood educator's point of view and provides an abundance of illustrations and descriptions. User-friendly guide.
Bundled with

BUILD THE BRAIN FOR READING, GRADES 4 - 12 by Pamela Nevills (forword by Pat Wolfe). This new book infuses the most current neurology research into concrete steps for teaching reading in a targeted, developmentally appropriate way. Bundled for $59.95 with Free Shipping


Both for $69.95

A GUIDE TO GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS - 2nd Edition by James Bellanca. Help students organize their thinking, process content, and work cooperatively! Graphic organizers are effective, research-validated tools for supporting student achievement and promoting students' higher-level thinking. 24 ready-to-use graphic organizers to enhance student learning across subject areas and grade levels.
Paired with
HOW TO ASSESS AUTHENTIC LEARNING by Kay Burke, 5th ed. Create assessments that meet state standards and target students' learning needs! Renowned educator Kay Burke provides a wide range of updated, easy-to-implement alternative assessments that address today's accountability requirements and focus on improving learning. Designed for use across all content areas. Bundled for $69.95 with Free Shipping



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