What is Dr Kathie Nunley’s Layered Curriculum®?

Dr Kathie Nunley’s Layered Curriculum® is a SIMPLE method for differentiating instruction in classrooms for all grade levels. It remains the only differentiated instructional method Originally designed for high school classrooms.

Based on current brain-imaging information, Layered Curriculum is a fun and effective student-centered teaching method. This 3-layer model of differentiated instruction encourages complex thinking and holds students highly accountable for their learning.

If the Thought of Flipping Your Classroom Makes You Dizzy, Tip It Sideways InsteadWhile the flipped classroom is discussed in the media, online PD sessions and trade books, the reality is that out in the trenches, we don’t see it happening too much……

Layered Curriculum®: In a Nutshell

HELP! How do I start Layered Curriculum with my current students?

Advantages to a Layered Curriculum classroom.

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Dr. Nunley is now offering personal consultation for teachers and parents as they work through making education more inclusive.

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